Winning proposal

In the heart of Bratislava's emerging new centre, the Chalupkova – Mlynské Nivy area, a vision for plots at Block 5.1 has emerged through an architectural competition. Alto Real Estate proudly unveils the outcome of this competition, a vision that promises to redefine the neighbourhood's landscape. "From the outset, we saw this competition as an opportunity to enhance the district, building upon the architectural legacy set forth by the SKY PARK project. I'm pleased to see our aspirations realised," shares Alto Real Estate CEO, Rastislav Valovič.

The proposal that resonated the most with the jury was submitted by the international architectural, urban planning, and design studio, Mecanoo, based in Delft, Netherlands. Known for their innovative approach to design, emphasising sustainability and social cohesion, Mecanoo's design resonated deeply. "In the SKY PARK district, modern architecture merges seamlessly with nods to industrial heritage, creating a unique and dynamic urban environment. Block 5.1 seamlessly extends the iconic SKY PARK towers, contributing to a new space offering premium living," says Nuno Fontarra from Mecanoo.

"The proposal comprises four buildings with asymmetrical hexagonal floor plans, strategically positioned to enrich the surrounding public space. The development extends the park into the neighbourhood, fostering continuity across Chalupkova Street. While the architectural style of the new residential blocks and office building differs from the existing SKY PARK towers, public spaces serve as unifying elements between the two projects," explains Kees Christiaanse from KCAP studio.

Mecanoo studio has long been committed to creating spaces that are aesthetically appealing and functional, with an emphasis on how buildings and public spaces impact the lives of the people who use them. Mecanoo is considered one of the leading architectural studios, combining aesthetics, functionality, and environmental sustainability in its designs.

Among the studio's most famous projects are the world-renowned New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, the futuristic theater complex in Kaohsiung, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, and De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam. These and other projects reflect the company's philosophy of seeking a balance between human needs, environmental


Located in the middle of a new downtown - vibrant district of the Bratislava city

The site is located in the heart of the new downtown, a vibrant district in Bratislava. It is directly connected to the SKY PARK development by the iconic architect Zaha Hadid, which stands as a landmark in contemporary Bratislava and defines the identity of the entire area. Neighbouring sites include the Twin City offices complex, and further office projects are expected to emerge to the east of the site. Key transportation infrastructure is also in close proximity, providing optimal connectivity to the historical city centre and the Danube riverbank. The entire surrounding area shapes the modern downtown, representing the face of a contemporary and dynamic European city.

Historically, this area served as one of the primary industrial zones in the city, developing at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. This period marked one of the most significant phases in the history of Bratislava’s development. It accommodated various factories, including the notable Apollo refinery, the Kablo plant for electric wire production, a leather processing factory, a drive belt factory, a paper production plant, a cloth factory, an electric plant, and more. During World War II, the entire area suffered significant damage from Allied bombardment. In the latter half of the 20th century, the area gradually declined as industrial production decreased. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, new opportunities emerged, and the entire district is once again awakening for a new era.

Competition description

It is an ideological, combined, two-round architectural competition that combines both invited studios (collectives) and independently entered studios (collectives). Seven architectural designs will be selected for the second round 
of the competition.

The aim of the competition

The competition aims to discover and award the most suitable solutions based on the competition brief requirements. It seeks to identify the best partner for cooperation on the project.

Who can participate

Architects, architectural firms, and teams or professionals with experience in projects of a similar scale are eligible to participate. That means projects where one phase comprises at least 25 000 m2 of GBA.

Basic data:

Plot size:

15 195 m2 


61 581 m2

Maximum height:


time schedule

Public announcement of the competition.
First round design period begins.


First round submission deadline.


First round results announcement.
Second round design period begins.


Second round submission deadline.


Second round proposals presentation to the jury.


Final results announcement.

Image place

the jury.

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Kees Christiaanse


Founder, Architect and urbanist

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Jim Heverin

Zaha Hadid Architects

Director, Architect

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Martin Arfalk


Founder, Landscape architect and urbanist

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Jozef Oravkin

Alto Real Estate

Founder, Non-Executive Chairman

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Rastislav Valovič

Alto Real Estate


Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Erik Páleš

Alto Real Estate

Senior Business Development Manager

Ing. arch. Juraj Benetin
Dušan Ševela

Alto Real Estate

Head of Design Development

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